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Video Tutorials

(7 Full Tutorials)

Installation & Updating

Installation Instructions:
How to install and license The TestPerfector.
Updating Instructions:
How to update The TestPerfector to a newer version.

Creating & Scrambling a Multiple Choice Exam

Advanced Options - the Basics:
The basics of TestPerfector's advanced scrambling and test creation options.
1, 2, 3 and the Exam is Created & Scrambled:
All basic steps for creating and scrambling a multiple choice exam (using a template).
Creation Using The TTP Toolbar:
How to create a multiple choice exam using the TTP Toolbar.
Creating & Scrambling...
Cheking an Exam

Checking a Multiple Choice Exam

Scanning an Exam:
How to scan a multiple choice exam using The ScanPerfector.
Checking an Exam:
How to check a multiple choice exam using The TestPerfector.
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