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Welcome to Stock Perfector

Is your portfolio doing better than the market? Stock Perfector will give you the answer,

and a lot more!

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When you buy only one share, it is very easy to compare your profits to what you would have made, had you invested in an index fund or a different share.

However, what if you have a complex portfolio, with lots of shares, transactions, and dividends? It is virtually impossible to track and compare!

Stock Perfector is a simple application that does exactly this and lots more for you!

Our key features

Various Scopes

The app contains a broad view for your full portfolio, a detailed view for each holding, and even a page dedicated for customizable groups of holdings.

Full Stock Analysis

Obtain a full analysis of each of your stocks, including Profit, IRR, Year-to-Day profit etc.

Constant Updates

We provide constant updates, so you can view your portfolio's performance at any point of time, and compare it to any alternative stock or ETF.

Easily Compare

Simulate how your portfolio would have looked like, had you invested in a different stock or ETF, and obtained their dividends.

Automatic Splits & Dividends

The app automatically recognizes and applies stock splits and dividends, so you don't have to worry about them.

Import From Yahoo! Finance

You can import your existing transactions from Yahoo! Finance. 

Download the data from your watchlist and import it through our app settings.

Go Back In Time

You now have a chance to go back in time and see how your portfolio did at a date of your choice, or between two specific dates.

Alternative Investments

Enables you to add alternative investments to your portfolio and analyze them as part of your portfolio.

Download the app now!

Gain an insight to your complex portfolio and see how it compares to the market!

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Feedback is very important to us and we appreciate your suggestions and help.

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