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A Tool for Creating, Checking & Grading

Multiple Choice Exams

Exam Creating

The exam is written in an MS-Word document.
You can use any feature of Word to create an exam such as equations, figures, tables, special fonts and formats, etc. and everything will appear in the final scrambled exam.

Also, THE TESTPERFECTOR has multi-lingual support! So you can write in any language - German, English, Arabic, Hebrew, French and more!

Exam Scrambling

THE TESTPERFECTOR uses our patented state of the art algorithms to scramble your multiple choice exams, and no two students will ever have the same order of questions and answers. The exam creation process is simple and fast, and requires no computer knowledge.

By scrambling all the exams in this way, THE TESTPERFECTOR has significantly reduced cheating and copying in multiple choice exams.

Exam Grading

With THE TESTPERFECTOR you can check your multiple choice exam efficiantly and easily. You choose how the checking is done! Everything is customizeable! You can add or change correct answers, add points for answers, cancel questions, add facrors and many more!

Statistical Analysis of Exam Results

THE TESTPERFECTOR generates the most detailed statistical analysis a multiple choice exam can have! With our grades, questions, answers and group statistics you can easily see your multiple choice exam questions' quality and difficulty, the common mistakes of the students, the avereges, the percentile of each grade and student, and many more!

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