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A Tool for Creating, Checking & Grading

Multiple Choice Exams

List of Features

THE TESTPERFECTOR is a program which creates different versions of a multiple choice exam questions' test, by randomizing the order of the multiple choice exam questions, and the inner-order of the answers (of each questions). By that, the number of versions is as the number of students – almost unlimited.


Some of the advantages:


  • The multiple choice exam (test) is written in a Word Document – you can insert equations (for example, using Microsoft Equation), tables, figures, special fonts and formats, etc…

  • You can interlace in the multiple choice exam (test) open questions, which will be mixed between the other multiple choice exam questions, but will not be checked by the program.

  • You can arrange the questions in "Blocks". All the multiple choice exam questions of a Block and some text in the Block's info will always remain together. You can choose whether to scramble the inside of a Block, or not.

  • The student can just answer some of the multiple choice exam questions.

  • You can enter the students' answers manually, using our own OMR software (THE SCANPERFECTOR), or using ANY other OMR software.

  • When checking multiple choice exams, the program presents a wide range of statistics such as grades, averages, standard-deviations, correlations, percentage of success in specific questions, etc… After viewing the statistics, you can:

    • Cancel a question.

    • Give more points for a specific answer to a question.

    • Change the correct answer of a question.

    • Add a correct answer for a question.

    • Give a "factor" to all of the students, or only to some of them.

    • And more...

  • In the statistics, there is a table which shows (for each student) the answer they chose, and the correct answer, so the student can compare them.


The program is simple and fast to use, and doesn't require very much computer-knowledge. The program can be run on almost every computer with Windows operating system (Windows 2000 and above is recommended, for faster processing), but in older computers the program will run at a slower speed, and it will take longer to create the multiple choice exam (tests). 

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