"I do not know how we created multiple choice exams before TestPerperctor. It is a simple, easy and professional combination of software. Simply use Word to create your exam and TestPerfector will do the rest. I love using it. It is a dream come through for every lecturer. It has so much to offer and one can do everything with it. It is unbelievable how ScanPerfector works with any scanner and regular paper. Together TestPerfector and ScanPerfector are a perfect combination of efficiency and professionalism."


Yair Sharabani, CPA
Professional Director of the

M.A in Accounting Program
Bar-Ilan University

"I am very pleased with TestPerfector and highly recommend using it. Since I started working with TestPerfector, I can check hundreds of multiple choice exams in just a few minutes, change grades easily by giving a variety of factors, and check appeals easily. The whole process became much more efficient, fast and accurate. I find the statistics on each question and answer very useful. They enable me to understand whether certain multiple choice exam questions were too easy or too hard and improve future exams. In addition, cases of cheating among students were notably reduced."


Odelia Rosin, PhD
Responsible for handling Exams
College of ManagementAcademic Studies

"I would like to recommend using the TestPerfector and ScanPerfector software for multiple choice exams for following reasons: It is easy to use and efficient. Very effective in reducing cheating in examinations. It saves a lot of time in checking and creating examinations. It is very easy to manage the grades. After the multiple choice exam, the students get feedback on their correct and incorrect answers. It produces an Excel file which is convenient for everyone. It is easy to update grades, change correct answer etc. when needed. Most important, it is fast and gives you a perfect statistic analysis of the grades."


Yossi Tobol, PhD
Head of Research Unit
Jerusalem College of  Technology

"I met Gil while I was a computer coordinator (project manager) at the faculty of medicine, and I searched for a new full solution for writing, scrambling, printing, and checking multiple choice exams at the faculty. Gil had the perfect solution, simple, easy to implement, customizable, and affordable. It made quite a revolution in the faculty in that area."


Noam Meir
Sharepoint Infopath and Nintex

Implementor at Bynet Software Systems