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What Our Clients Say About Our Products

"After working with the TestPerfector for a while, I have got to say that it's a great program. It’s very user-friendly and easy to manage, and in the same time it meets all the required functions needed in a multiple choice exam based test."


Meni Morad, MA, CPA
Bar-Ilan University

"Multiple choice exam question is a test form instructors rely on the most nowadays, and one important concern of giving multiple choice questions is how to prevent cheating. Testperfector and Scanperfector is path-breaking product regarding this issue, as it allows instructors to create as many versions of the multiple choice exam as they want! Furthermore, to keep the testperfector going, what you need are only an ordinary scanner and ordinary paper, which means you don't need to purchase scantron, and as it's a software, you can grade the exam anywhere you like! I will definitely recommend it."


Xi Wang,
Rutgers University

"I have used TestPerfector for a few years to create multiple choice exams and grade them, at the department of Management, Bar-Ilan University, Israel. The TestPerfector makes the whole process very easy and time saving. It is simple to use and has many useful features that help to control the grading process. It allows to change the correct answer. To add second or more correct answers and t factor up grades ot necessary. The grading of multiple choice exams process boils down to a scan answer sheets and input the text file supplied by the scanner into the TestPerfetor’s cheek the test option. To summarize, it’s a very friendly, easy to use helpful software that saves me a lot of time and effort in the exam period."


Zvi Itzkovich, PhD
Bar-Ilan University

"We have been working with Perfector using TestPerfector and ScanPerfector for a almost 2 years creating multiple choice exams and I can only say good things about the software and service.  The software is efficient; it made the creating and grading multiple choice exams easy, fast and efficient with endless options that do not exist elsewhere.   TestPerfector is based on MS-WORD, giving us endless options.

The output (Excel) is very useful and enables us to learn a lot about the students and the exam. Lately, we also started using SurveyPerfector which enables us to create our own survey optimally.

Perfector's support is great.  They are always there when we need them with a solution each problem.

And for all the above, I would like to say THANKS!"


Shlomi Greidi
Project manager and Quality Assurance
Staff Department, Computing & IT Division

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